About Us

How Did It All Begin ?

Incorporated Gaming is a community built on the foundation of enjoying good games. We strive for greatness, but we also understand that greatness often starts from the humblest of beginnings. In our eyes a positive environment is the core of a greater gaming experience. Our origin was at first localized in Australia, but as time went on our clan grew through the universe of online gaming. Our open community is seeking other like-minded individuals that enjoy gaming. Either through sheer enjoyment or from the thrill of competitive performance. There is no compromise, if you enjoy the games or a good community then you belong in Incorporated Gaming.

Meet The Clan Admins

Bayden “Baydog“
Position: Clan Leader
I started IncGaming in early 2009, but was formally known as “Aussies are us”. We started on Combat Arms and quickly grew in numbers. Within 18months we had members outside of Australia and decided for the name change to “Incorporated Gaming”. Since then we have grown to 130+ members strong. My main goal for IncGaming is to have it as a community and venture in the competitive scene in the future. I also plan to open a gaming lounge in Victoria, Australia. Im always interested in what people have to say and welcome to message me at bay@incgaming.net.

Reuben “Reuben01“
Position: Server Administrator
I’ve been gaming for most of my life, from Lylat Wars on the 64 to COD 4 on the PC. From the very beginning I have been with IncGaming, but it wasn’t until League of Legends that I managed to make friends with the larger part of the community. Most nights I’ll jump on the Teamspeak server which I admin and moderate and join friends for a few games and some laughs.

Devin “Dev“
Position: Server Administrator
Dev is one of the founding members of Inc Gaming and is also a system administrator for the Inc gaming servers. I have been playing games since i was 5 and i love meeting new people and sharing the gaming experience with others. I love a good challenge and I am very technical mined.

Henri “Nephae“
Position: Marketing Manager
I’ve been gaming for ages, mostly since I was five or six. I started out playing some pinball and commander keen on a commodore 64 and never really stopped. My start with IncG came when I could hear gaming stories from the classroom next door. Following the sound of those voices led me to Devin and Bayden and the clan. After awhile I basically fit as part of the family and would push to have other people join in on the fun. All this and a passion for all things gaming led me to take on my role to push the clan forward.