Values & Policies

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    Members are expected to have a positive attitude towards other clan members.
    This clan is based on loyalty, being loyal to one another and to your self.
    Respect another players opinion. The reputation of both yourself and the clan are reflected in your actions.
  • TRUST.
    Believe in each others ability from the newest member to the oldest member. Do not lie to gain advantage.
    Trust should be give regardless of age, sex, race.
    Give all you have to help others within the clan.
  • FUN.
    Remember to have fun, be social, and remember, this is just a game. Friendship is more important than a game.


    No bullying or belittling of players. All players must feel comfortable and not threatened under any circumstances.
    Obtaining an unfair advantage by any means is severely frowned upon by IncGaming Management.
    any person who reportedly breaks these POLICIES & VALUES will be spoken to by IncGaming Management witch is overseen by the Clan Leader,
    they will be allowed their side of the story to be heard. If they are found to be in breach of the POLICIES & VALUES you will be given a 3 strike policy:
  • First warning, No action taken, but warning will be given.
  • Second warning, Considered a serious warning & on notice.
  • Third warning, You maybe be removed from the clan.